There’s a lot I could say right now. I have before me, an opportunity, to portray to you who I am… or who I would like to be. But it’s hard to talk about yourself, it’s difficult to think over the voice inside you head, telling you what to say, and what absolutely must be kept inside. I guess we are all experiencing this, in a way, choosing what we expose to the world via our speech and actions. The decisions we make are messages sent to others as much as to ourselves. Just knowing that makes it different.

Who Me?

I take things apart to see how they work. Then I make them faster, stronger, and more efficient.

I’ve been involved with graphics and design for well over a decade, digging my hands deep into everything from retouching, interior design, product design, package design, branding/identity, UX/UI, web/print, marketing management, motion graphics/video, and so much more.

I guess you could say I have an appetite for comprehension.

That broad gamut of experiences has lead to a greater understanding of the demands of the system as a whole. Balance is critical. I believe knowledge begets knowledge, and the quest for greater knowledge should be a constant, fearless adventure.